Root Camp

In addition to yoga classes and personal training, Grass Roots also provides a Root Camp–a combination of yoga, martial arts, cardio, core, and fitness training.

As always, we encourage everyone to be where you are.  Root Camp is for the novice, the advanced, and everyone in between.  It can be a tool for enhancing and expanding your strength and endurance, as it combines yoga principles with unique forms of movement and exercise. A number of props are used for muscle strengthening and lengthening such as resistance bands and hand weights.  If done consistently, we believe that Root Camp can dramatically improve your yoga practice.

Root Camp lasts 8 weeks (with a bonus make-up class in case you can’t make them all) with a total of 17 classes for $300.  However, if you’re unable to make such a commitment you’re welcome to join us for single classes.  Please wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.

The Root Camp class schedule varies at this time as we’re currently only hosting outdoors classes given COVID.  In you’re interested in joining, please feel free to contact us at 803.665.YOGA or  All are welcome to join.