We are grateful to all our Grass Roots Yoga practitioners for their time and their practice, and to those that have chosen to share with us their thoughts and experience. Many thanks and Namaste.

Source: Celia G. Photographie

Mitchell Hughes has such an intuitive understanding of how the body is interconnected that he is able to guide you toward better musculoskeletal health.  I have found his teaching and applied technique to be as helpful as physical therapy for my chronic back issues and arthritis. I have a much better sense of my spinal alignment on a day to day basis. I have been attending twice a week for 2 years now and have seen improvement in my pain levels.  ~ Jenny Walsh, MD

I took my first yoga class with Mitchell in 2009 and I have loved every one of his classes since… I have not only gained strength and length in my muscles but I have also learned to “let go” of stress in my life when I come to the mat. My overall health (mental and physical) has vastly improved over these last 5 years. I have also trained with Mitchell and done his ever popular “Root Camps.” This combination of yoga and weight training will totally transform your body and mind. As with any exercise program this is a commitment, but the results are worth it. Besides the great results, the camaraderie we share is wonderful – we have fun. Mitchell is the best in town – don’t wait any longer to come see why we all love him so much. ~ Julie

In over 30 years of being a strength/conditioning professional, I have rarely encountered experts that are truly that. Mitchell is a rare coach that embraces passion and knowledge to teach depth and difference. My athletes include World, National and State Champions that now understand the difference between yoga and sports specific/micro-sarcomere-kinesthetic yoga. Mitchell teaches a rare art of yoga to the level of Bio-Mechanical Enhancement. My clients include NFL Players, Martial Art athletes, and PGA Golfers and they are all amazed at the exceptional transfer from my training principles into Mitchell’s Sport Specific Yoga. I personally challenge anyone to a comparison of mobility/stability/balance/strength/power concept that this program epitomizes! ~ Ken Taylor, N.S.C.P. TPI, BS Exercise Science

As a 60 year old former athlete looking to improve my overall fitness level and flexibility, I must admit my initial skepticism for participating in a yoga class was high to say the least. However, after insistence from my friend Ken Taylor and my wife, Shelley, I have become a true believer in the incredible benefits yoga can provide to not only your physical stamina but more importantly to your mental wellness. My initial concern was due to a lack of flexibility and tightness in my back. I honestly felt that I would not be able to participate at a level consistent with my intense personality but with the patience, guidance and expertise of Mitchell Hughes, I have become a yoga convert. Since beginning yoga, I am now more flexible than I have been in 20 years, sleep more soundly and my stress level has decreased immensely. I highly recommend Mitchell’s classes to any and everyone! ~ Mike Genova, Owner, Genova Family Karate

I have witnessed the athletic benefits Mitchell provides his clients. I have taken many a yoga session from different instructors and have never been taught by anyone comparable to Mitchell. He is able to customize his yoga routine to benefit different people at different levels. If you don’t think yoga is a good workout and a good stress release then you have not had a session with Mitchell. He gives an alternative and enhancement to the mundane routine of daily workouts. He truly cares about his clients and strives to learn the most about their physical abilities and limitations. As an equestrian, I have truly benefited from taking Yoga instruction from Mitchell and I think other equestrians would greatly benefit from his expertise as well.
~ Boo Major, Head Coach, University of South Carolina Equestrian Team

I had never taken a yoga class before I came to Grass Roots Yoga. Now, I have been taking yoga and Root Camp classes from Mitchell for 1 1/2 years. What I love about Mitchell’s classes is they are never the same. Every class has new challenges. He can tell me to make the slightest adjustment in a pose and it makes the biggest difference in the way I feel the stretch. He is a very caring, cool guy that makes any class you take from him fun. He also plays great music! If Mitchell ever leaves Columbia, I’m packing my family up and following him! ~ Meg

Mitchell’s instruction is sound, strong, and grounded in foundational principles. But what I truly appreciate is the way that his teaching becomes a work of art with each class and is unique. He infuses deep thought and inspiration throughout the class, precepts that I can take with me and apply to daily life.   ~ Meredith Good

I began taking Root Camp and one yoga class per week from Mitchell Spring 2013. Mitchell has been very patient and encouraging when working with me. I have what I would consider very bad balance and he is helping to improve my balance, especially through various yoga poses. I could also definitely tell that I was sleeping better after only a couple Root Camp sessions. Between the Spring and Summer Root Camp when Mitchell took vacation, I found myself experiencing “Mitchell withdrawals.” I believe I am becoming an addict like many of his clients with whom he has worked with for 3 or 4 years. I highly recommend that you give Mitchell a try. ~ Jeanie

The benefits of doing yoga on a regular basis are phenomenal. Since starting a practice of yoga with Mitchell Hughes four years ago I have gained strength, both physically and mentally, my muscles are longer and leaner, and I feel great. Mitchell teaches in a way that is challenging, nurturing, inspiring and fun. ~ Ann

Mitchell Hughes is by far the best Yoga teacher I have ever had. He does an excellent job of instructing and educating and has a wealth of healthy knowledge. I am especially impressed with one of his teaching techniques……he directs the poses, then walks around the room encouraging and correcting those participating which proves to be extremely helpful. ~ Nell