Class Descriptions

To honor our collective wellbeing during the pandemic, we are grateful to offer onlineoutdoor, and in-person classes. We hope these options can be a space for relieving stress, boosting immunity, and healing through asana. Check out our class schedule here, and, as always, please feel free to email or call if you have questions or need more information.  


Morning Rise –  A great class to wake up the body and keep you rooted for the day.

Evening Root –  De-stress from the day with a class to strengthen the body and relax the mind.

Root, Awaken, and Flow – soften the body, build integrity, and gain flexibility with a
focus on flowing with the breath.

Root Camp –  A combination of yoga, martial arts, cardio, core and fitness training. (Please register by calling or emailing us). Offered outdoors.

Garden Asana – A class for everyone. It’s breath-centric and offered in-person with opportunities for personal adjustments and alignment guidance. This class is in partnership with Gardener’s Outpost who hosts us amongst their lush plants at their spacious Franklin St location.

Specialized Workshops – Provides an in-depth exploration on a particular yoga topic such as inversions, hip openers, lumbar mobility, standing and balancing poses, and others.  We’re always taking suggestions for future workshops, so please let us know what you want to explore.


Classes are $15 and you can pay online via PayPal ( or Venmo (MitchellCHughes) prior to class. We welcome everyone, regardless of your level of experience.